Searching for names in the UK? Here is a great site.

Genealogical researchers seeking names of ancestors in the United Kingdom (UK) often rely upon the IGI as a place to begin their searches.  Because the UK has a somewhat complicated system for reporting births, deaths and marriages—using counties, civil registration districts, ecclesiastical registration districts and towns—we often struggle with these unique classifications and spend far more time than we should formatting our search.  This article briefly describes a website that will help, in a significant way, and deserves a few minutes of you time to learn about what it offers.

This website has been put together byfellow genealogist Hugh Wallis.  It deals with expediting lookups on the IGI, based upon country/county/parish criteria, and uses only those records of Births, Christenings and Marriages EXTRACTED by the LDS Church.  Mr. Wallis’ work does not include patron-submitted records, because he feels these are fraught with errors.

Wallis’s website has a great deal of information, instruction and research tips, and much can be learned by studying it.  To use the search capability, you first select the country of interest from  a list.  Countries included are England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Channel Islands and a few special files.  Next, the county within the country is selected; followed by the town from the list.  Searching is very simple.

Within each town are a series of parish records (extractions), given either “C” or “M” designations (extraction batches).  C designations are births and christenings, and M designations are marriages.  A few “E” designations are included, which represents the “special” files.

Once a parish and particular batch number are selected, you may then enter a last name and search the batch for your particular name of interest.  You may simply want to leave the “name” field blank, which opens the entire list.  Parishes tend to be small geographical areas, with relatively few names, and searching the entire parish list is not that cumbersome or time consuming.  In fact, by reviewing all the names within the list you may often find more names of interest.


The Hugh Wallis website is a worthwhile opportunity to expand and expedite your search efforts in the United Kingdom.  Take a few minutes to look it over, and I believe you will be as pleased as I am over the information available.  This website can be accessed at

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