How Do I Find Those Darn County Names

When entering genealogical data we are often given a city and a state for a location–and we usually know which country that city or state is in.  BUT, the standard genealogical format requires that four information fields be completed.     <City(or township), County, State, Country.>

How do we find what county these cities are located within?   Well…one way is to find a gazateer, either on line or a paper version–and look it up.  Or, you can call a friend.  Or, you can go to and if you can remember how to find their County Locator you will be able to find the location.  But, there is a much easier and faster way to do this–and it never fails.

On your computer, go to your Google toolbar and do a Google search.  Put in the name of the city, the name of the state, then type the word “county” –then hit <ENTER> OR <SEARCH>

Many hits will pop up as a result of your Google search, and when you briefly glance over the first two or three hits the county will jump out at you.  I would suggest you look at another hit to verify your results.  Counties can be located in as few as eight seconds. 

Now that ain’t bad!